Top geo: BALKANS. Arlekin Casino

August 30, 2022

The Balkans (Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) — these countries are famous for their liberal laws regarding gambling.

Many potential players are concentrated here and eager to spend their earnings. Our Brand Arlekin Casino (Curacao) is great for making money on this GEOs. Let's see why!

Arlekin Casino has such localized languages as Bulgarian and Slovakian, which allows it to present higher registration and deposit rates.

Availability of local payment methods

Acceptance of both FB (Android, iOS) and contextual ads

Important data:

Conversion rate — reg2dep 59.32% — one of the best rates for our products in the Balkan region


CPA and hybrid

Repeat deposit rates — 883%

The loyal legislation of the countries allows you to promote cool offers and earn money on gambling without any obstacles.

If you haven't tested these GEOs yet, now is the time to start with the Enchant Affiliates' team!

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