Behind iGaming magic: introducing Popiplay

April 6, 2023

Enchant Affiliates looks behind the scenes of iGaming and introduces you to popular providers. These people and these companies are making real iGaming magic, just like us. And we want you to get to know them better. This is our interview with Luke, product owner of PopiPlay. Enjoy reading!

How long have you been making games for online casinos?

We have been popping out online casino games for over a year now! In this brief time we were able to produce several highly successful slots and develop a significant following in the iGaming community. Although all our games have been well-received by players and operators, our latest slot “UFO Joe” really stands out as one of the top-performing games in the online casino market at the moment. We are committed to creating innovative and engaging games that provide a superior player experience and to continue our growth in this exciting industry!

How many games do you have in your portfolio?

We may be new but we're already making waves in the world of online gaming! With 13 exciting titles in our portfolio at the moment, from classic slots to innovative new releases, our games are designed to offer players a thrilling and engaging gaming experience.

Which of your slots are the most popular?

All of our slots have their own unique features and themes that appeal to different types of players. However, we have noticed that our slot games Anaki Skywalkers, Master of Lighting, and Angry Fruits have been particularly popular among players. These games offer exciting gameplays, unique bonus features, and engaging graphics that keep players coming back for more. Of course, we are always striving to improve and create new games that will appeal to even more players.

If you have statistics, tell us in which countries your games are most popular?

Our games are most popular in these 5 countries: Germany, Canada, Australia, Russia, and Ukraine. With our drive for continued innovation and the goal to captivate gamers worldwide, it will be exciting to see where our popularity takes us next!

Popiplay games are available at Arlekin Casino and Abo Casino. The Enchant Affiliates team specializes in tier-1 GEOs and can offer great deals on CPA, RevShare and Hybrid models in Germany, Canada and Australia. Contact us for details.

What is the average RTP and the highest RTP on your games?

The average RTP in our games is 96% which is meeting the industry standards and showing that we are here to give players the best gaming experience possible.
The highest RTP in our games is 98% at the moment.

What inspires you when you create your games?

In our game creation process, inspiration is one of the key elements. Movies, books, real life events as well as other games are just some of the inspirational pools for our creative team members. The thing that ties everything together is listening to feedback coming from players, streamers and people from our team who are experienced iGaming industry experts!

What plans does your project have for the next year?

In a nutshell - to make more slots that players like! We are nothing without the community of dedicated players so the plan is to solidify that relationship by producing more first-class games and elevating the gaming experience of slot fans

Are there any cool releases to look forward to?

Our slots are as unique as snowflakes! Each and every single one of them comes with a special selection of bonus features, never-seen-before themes, and crazy-good animations! Our main goal is to keep players entertained so we are always developing exciting new games that will catch the eyes of players. Stay tuned for more thrilling releases!

What direction are you going in?

The only way is up! We plan to release two new top-class games per month and focus on improving game quality and features. Our goal is to become the leading factor and one of the most influential studios in the gaming industry.

What's the hardest thing about being a provider?

As a provider, staying up-to-date and relevant in a constantly changing world can be incredibly difficult and demanding. Keeping pace with the latest trends, technologies, and player expectations is an ongoing challenge that requires continuous learning and adaptation. Providers need to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry and anticipate shifts in player preferences and behavior to deliver compelling and engaging experiences.
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